Project Details

Metro-North Railroad General Rail PlanningNew York, New York

Radin Consulting, Inc. (RCI) is part of the consultant team to review budgetary and financial control responsibilities and functions between the Corporate Budget Department and the Operations Divisions for MTA Metro-North Railroad.

RCI is participating in interviews with key personnel and leadership, preparing preliminary business process maps, participating in SWOT analysis to showcase potential areas for improvement. Additionally, RCI will assist in identifying alternative approaches, preparing and participating in a recommendations workshop with Metro-North personnel, and developing the implementation guidelines.

The business process review evaluates the practices in the Budget Department and the Operations Division, specifically focusing on processes, personnel, and technology. The team is collecting information from the Metro-North staff to understand and document the current processes in place. The project team will develop documentation for future processes, incorporating industry best practices, to increase the efficacy and efficiency of each of the business processes.

Metro-North Station