Project Details

PATH Extension to EWR Rail Link Station ProjectNew Jersey

As Program Management Consultant, RCI will oversee the preparation of the environmental (NEPA) documentation. RCI has also assisted in the preparation of the project management plan for the project. Additionally, RCI will play a key role in the public outreach initiatives to build project support and gain consensus on the PATH Extension Project.

This project will provide a direct connection to the Newark (EWR) AirTrain at the Liberty International Airport Rail Link Station (RLS). From Newark Penn Station, the Project would continue south along the existing alignment for approximately 0.8 mile. Upgrades to the existing South Street storage tracks in this area would be necessary for mainline use by the extended PATH service.

The PATH Extension shall require construction of new track and rehabilitation of existing track; Northeast Rail Corridor (NEC) catenary relocation; modifications to the vertical alignment of PATH and certain “cut and cover” construction and tunneling to accommodate the advancement of Amtrak’s Fifth Track, NJ Transit’s Hunter Flyover, and modifications to the EWR Rail Link Station; and rights of entry (at Newark Penn Station), and various forms of property acquisition.