Project Details

WMATA Engineering On-Call ServicesWashington DC

Radin Consulting, Inc. (RCI) is part of the on-call engineering consultant team assisting Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Agency (WMATA) to revise, correct, update and expand the MetroRail Emergency Response Maps (ERM) for the WMATA rail system. RCI is providing CAD services as WMATA proceeds with updating and expanding their ERM. Also, RCI is providing support to WMATA to facilitate start-up and commissioning of the Silver Line on the Dulles Phase 1 Metrorail Project.

RCI is providing supervisory and technical AutoCAD skills by leading and supervising a team of CAD technicians qualified to work with Autodesk products and other computing applications to modify the ERM. RCI services include analyzing WMATA technical records as well as conducting site visits as needed for discovery and validation of data. The MetroRail Emergency Response Maps consist of printed documents that show construction contract section of the rail system including station/ facility with associated track and surrounding roadways. These maps were originally prepared in 1997 at the request of First Responders and have been revised and expanded as new stations and rail facilities have been constructed. New construction inside and outside the rail system now necessitates revision, further expansion and updating these maps in order for them to remain a useful tool to those who depend on them for their often critical and life-saving work.

RCI is also providing start-up operations control center supervision. The scope of work includes directing operators and other start-up personnel in the day-to-day activities associated with the Silver/N-line train testing. Assistance is given in planning, development, implementation, and administration of major projects providing professional assistance to Authority management staff in various areas of responsibility. RCI’s primary function is of oversight of start-up control center activities, and coordinating track/systems test schedules and resources to support test and inspection activities.